Lockdown Composition

Confined and Participative Art Project

by Catherine Aubelle



Are you here?

Like other artists, I strive to find new ideas to continue working and sharing our world, in a context of restrictions that deprive us of each other. However, I am curious to know what are the ideas that you develop on your side. I invite you to gather through this participatory artistic project that I am now launching:

Lockdown Composition

From my studio in Montaiguet en Forez, I want to make a painting that speaks of us, a painting that brings us together. This project will be realized from the

sketches produced during and after an online exchange with each of you who wish to participate, during the allotted time of locked down, curfew and other official regulations. Each of your participations undertakes the production of an original sketch following our exchange. The sketch can represent your portrait, or a scene from your daily life, an object that tells about your your life, a word ... Whatever you point out to me during this virtual meeting.

Here is how it works:

- You contact me and we agree on the time for a session.
- If necessary, you prepare what you want to show me on the screen (yourself, a scene from your life, the view from your window, an object, etc.).
- We connect on the appointed hour and day, via one of the applications available to you:
FaceTime, Messenger, ...). During this online connection we chat about what the situation is bringing to
your life. Then I design the image, using varying techniques that the moment shared with you
inspires me.
- When my sketch is ready, I add it to my series, in order to include it in a composition on canvas.
On my website and on social networks, I will post the sketches, step by step as they are produced.
- You can acquire an original sketch, numbered, dated and signed, for the sum of 60 euros by
sending me the address to which I must forward it.

Finally, Lockdown Composition, the entire painting, will be shown online on my website or better yet, at my next exhibition in Lyon, at the L’Alcove gallery, this winter if “all goes well”. .
Please don't hesitate to help out, invite your friends and family to the Lockdown Composition project by sharing this invitation.

See you soon!

Catherine Aubelle